Latest Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond jewellery is a popular trend that isn’t going to away any time soon. Unique designs with interesting shades and colours make it an automatic choice for many women. Owning a diamond is very special, especially when it comes to an engagement or wedding, where wearing a beautiful piece can add to the sense of occasion.

Classic or rare pieces will never let you down and are enduringly perfect for any bride or groom. Whatever the reason for giving it, beautiful jewellery will always make a wonderful gift

Engagement Rings are available in a wide number of attractive designs, which can be categorized as:

Solitaire – The most popular and appealing design for any engagement. A uniquely designed stone comes in a timeless and simple shape to suit every hand.

Paved – In this design small pieces of diamond are carefully placed in a pattern to create a beautiful design. The band is usually made of gold, white gold or platinum.

Coloured – Coloured diamonds have a subtle shade of colour, with pink, purple or yellow most frequently found.

Triplet – This design refers to a ring with three diamonds in a row. This is a classic for many engagement rings, fitting neatly with a wedding band and offering a timeless elegance. The stones themselves come in a variety of shapes.

The truth is that the choice of designs out there for diamond engagement rings is almost endless, and with the increasing popularity of vintage or antique rings, gets even bigger. Make sure you know how to spot quality when shopping for diamond jewellery, as this will help you get the best purchase for your budget. Why not try Greville Rossiter for three beautiful collections and a special selection of handmade engagement and wedding rings.